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Thursday, 8 May 2014

GUEST: A. Y. Stratton

Buried Secrets
A. Y. Stratton

It’s just luck Kate Harvey and Nathan Crosby sneak into the same house on the same frigid evening in Suburban Milwaukee…
Bad Luck that lands them in the midst of a vendetta.
Each is on a mission: Kate to rescue documents for her grandmother, and Nathan to collect evidence of a dirty lawyers’ illegal activity.
Courthouse lawyers expect stunts form Attorney Crosby, but Kate’s friends would never imagine the professional fund-raiser would think of exceeding the speed limit, much less entering a stranger’s home. Or of having a hot affair after her fiancé dumped her for being an ice queen.
The documents Kate finds suggest a candidate for U.S. Senate is guilty of reckless homicide and bribery… Soon everyone Kate loves is in danger.
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