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Thursday, 1 May 2014

GUEST: J. Annas Walker

The Lost Alchemist
J. Annas Walker

Claire Evans ran away from her cheating groom moments before the wedding. Hoping to find peace, she heads to France. Instead, she finds Alistair Durand. After a night of passion, Claire is left with a mystery. Where is he? Alistair has a secret. He has been a lonely freed spirit for over two centuries. As an alchemist, Alistair recognizes Claire possesses elemental magic, too. Drawn together by magic and need, the pair falls into bed and then love.
But how can a spirit and a living person make a go of it? Besides, Alistair may have some competition in Remy Chevalier, an immortal alchemist still alive and well. Remy wants an immortal magical family. Who will Claire choose?
When the jilted groom shows up bent on kidnapping Claire, Alistair and Remy place themselves between the woman they love and danger. But can they save her from his revenge?

Available from Bookstrand, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Kobo

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