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Saturday, 11 October 2014

PROMO: Mackenzie Williams

The Orchard:
Tame Me
Mackenzie Williams

Master Cole is paired with Samantha and soon realizes that she will be a bit more work than other subs at the BDSM club. Is she worth the extra time and aggravation?  Master Cole decides he must push Samantha, emotionally, to make her a good fit for himself and The Orchard. His plan works but maybe too well.
Samantha soon finds herself becoming dependent on her Dom, a feeling she doesn't like. Sam wants to cement the fact that she is only at the BDSM club to play. She decides to ditch her Master at the next party and then returns with another Dom.  After a very emotional night, Samantha realizes that she may have made a horrible mistake. She just can't figure out what she really wants so she walks away from everything, the men and the club. Can she find happiness without them?

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Friday, 3 October 2014

New Release: Learning to Fly (The Wolves of Gardwich 4)

Learning to Fly

Luka Nykiel's life has been one hell after another. At just eighteen he's already been through more than most people do in a lifetime. Finally, free after years of abuse from a man who told Luka they were mates, the last thing he wanted was to meet his true mate.
Psychologist Adam Carter has never treated anyone before, instead preferring to teach. After hearing about Luka, Adam can't say no to returning home to help the new pack member with his problems. As a bear shifter, Adam believed he would never have a mate and was resigned to a life alone.

As if navigating their way through a new and uncertain relationship wasn't hard enough, after digging into Luka's past they embark on a journey that takes them to Poland and the children's home he had been left at as a baby. They couldn't have expected the secrets they would unwittingly uncover or the dangers they never even knew existed.

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