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Saturday, 11 October 2014

PROMO: Mackenzie Williams

The Orchard:
Tame Me
Mackenzie Williams

Master Cole is paired with Samantha and soon realizes that she will be a bit more work than other subs at the BDSM club. Is she worth the extra time and aggravation?  Master Cole decides he must push Samantha, emotionally, to make her a good fit for himself and The Orchard. His plan works but maybe too well.
Samantha soon finds herself becoming dependent on her Dom, a feeling she doesn't like. Sam wants to cement the fact that she is only at the BDSM club to play. She decides to ditch her Master at the next party and then returns with another Dom.  After a very emotional night, Samantha realizes that she may have made a horrible mistake. She just can't figure out what she really wants so she walks away from everything, the men and the club. Can she find happiness without them?

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Cole roughly took the belt from his sub and grabbed her shoulder, spinning her to face his bed. He gave her a not so gentle nudge forward. Sam stumbled a bit but quickly recovered. The sub walked to the bed with confidence. This one is certainly more work but is she worth it?
“Hands on the bed, ass out. Right now or safe word. You have no more chances with me.” Cole’s tone was harsh and thick.
His sub must fear never being able to come back because she complied with no hesitation. She bent forward and placed both hands onto the dark silk sheets. The Dom kicked the inside of her feet to signal he wanted her legs wider. The slave obeyed at once.
“Slave, this is not your first time here and I’m assuming that the subs gossip in the locker room. Have you heard anything about me?”
“Yes, Sir. I have heard that you are one of the…rougher Masters.”
The second the last syllable was off Sam’s lips, Cole brought his belt across the back of her upper thighs. He smiled to himself when she stiffened but didn’t make a sound. This little one was trying to stay tough.
“Tell me your true thoughts about that.”
Again, the Dom brought the thick leather down, across the same spot. The loud pop of belt on skin had his dick stiffening even further than it already was. His erection was starting to become painful. Cole was trying to hold himself together so he didn’t go overboard on the disobedient sub’s ass. He was just barely succeeding.
“Slave, what do you think about having a Master that is harder than most?”
“I think I could benefit from it.”
Cole paused. That was the best possible answer he could have received. He ran a warm hand over the red stripe on her thighs. He felt his sub tremble and squirm. The Dom’s cock twitched as he removed his hand and replaced it with one more hard crack of his belt.
This one had the slave yelping loudly. Her head flew back against her shoulders. Cole then dropped the belt and bent down. With his chest pressed to her back, he bit her neck. His sub moaned and he could see her fingers clawing the silk sheets.
Cole stood back up. “On your knees.”
This time the sub’s movements were quick and decisive. She came up from the bed and went straight to her knees in front of her Master. She stared up at him with wide eyes that were begging her Master to command her. What a perfect fucking sight.
“Take my dick out.”
The sub worked quickly with unwavering hands. After she unbuttoned and unzipped the slacks, she reached in and pulled him free. Cole’s cock was throbbing and the contrast of the cool air and the slave’s warm hands made him growl.
“I have a challenge for you. I have played with many subs here at The Orchard. Make me forget all of them. Make me come fast and hard.”

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