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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Guest: E.A Reynolds

Vanilla Beguiled
E.A Reynolds

A successful businessman, Calvin Thomas knows exactly what he wants, and it isn’t commitment or a white lover. However, one look across a crowded room into Avery’s eyes leaves him bewildered and beguiled.
Avery is certain Cal is his Mr. Right, but finding out Cal is straight dashes all his hopes. So, Avery joins a dating service and is knocked for a loop when Cal turns out to be one of his matches.
Avery sets out for his first date with Cal full of expectation, but the result is a chain reaction of misunderstanding and one incredible night that leaves Avery with more of a question than an answer. How did he win the heart of a man determined not to love a white man?
Cal knows he’s caught, but the course of true love never does run smoothly, especially when a man with a gun has Cal in his sights.

Avilable from Siren

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