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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Guest: Gemma Juliana

The Sheikh's Crowning
by Gemma Juliana

Rick Green’s career as an FBI agent is on hold while he heals from an unexpected stay in a palace dungeon. For two years he tracked an international sex slave trafficking ring until it led him to the kingpin. When Sheikh Adnan of Zahiria rescues him from Sheikh Mahjub of Burindi, an alluring woman by the name of Sula captivates his heart. But nobody seems to know who she is. Can he trust her or is she there to spy on him, or even kill him?

Princess Yasmine of Zahiria is a lonely young widow who has lived a somber and sad life. When the wounded American stranger is delivered to her palace, she is fascinated by him. Not wanting him to know she is a royal princess, she tells him her name is Sula and allows him to think she is simply a dancing harem girl.

After her husband was assassinated, Yasmine vowed never to love a man with a dangerous career again. Once he learns the object of his desire is a princess, Rick believes he has nothing to offer a woman who has it all. Can these two lovers find a compromise that works for them both?

Danger arises when an assumed ally turns out to be intent on sabotaging peace, hijacking a kingdom to make it his own, and reestablishing the sex slave business.

All is not as it seems, and truths shift as fast as the desert sands. Soon the man who thought himself a commoner has a kingdom to rule. Will the woman he wants be able to set aside her fears to become his Queen? The mysterious amulet reappears, and with it a warning that echoes through time. Will the House of Zahiria and the House of Burindi ever find peace?

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  1. Hi Jane,
    Thanks so much for putting my new release up on your blog spot. I'm very thankful to have it visible in the UK.
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